Hind Foundation Networking

Stall Footing Improvement Project

For Redwings Horse Sanctuary

In 2009, the Hind Foundation granted $19,879 to the Redwings Horse Sanctuary (Redwings) to help fund necessary improvement projects at the ranch, including new compacted decomposed granite in the stalls and runs, and adding heavy duty rubber mats into the stalls. This project especially helps blind horses that require special footing and the horse with hoof and leg problems.

Noteworthy Outcomes
•    Continued Care

The projects completed, thanks to the grant monies, will provide continued care and love for each rescued horse.


Area of Funding: Plant & Wildlife Restoration
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $19,879
Year Funded: 2009
Year Completed: 2009

About the Organization
Redwings Horse Sanctuary
PO Box 58
Lockwood, CA 93932
(831) 386-0135

The mission of Redwings Horse Sanctuary is to eliminate the causes of equine suffering through education and community outreach programs; to rescue abused and neglected equines; and provide permanent sanctuary or selected foster homes for those equines.