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Supplemental Grants

Supplemental Grants Overview

Our Supplemental Grant program was established to recognize and support community–based organizations whose important programs or projects may not require the resources provided through a Standard Grant. Since 2006, these funds have helped assist successful fundraising events, provide students with educational opportunities, and facilitate the implementation of numerous projects that fit within our areas of funding:

  • Ecosystem Conservation               
  • Historical Landmark Restoration
  • Music & Visual Arts           
  • Plant & Wildlife Protection
  • Land Conservation

Ranging in amounts up to $2,500, funds are awarded based on the merit of the project or program and justification of the requested funds.

Want to learn more?

You can discover more about Supplemental Grants by reviewing our funding history, and determine whether your project or program is a good fit for a Supplemental Grant by reviewing our Eligiblity Requirements outlined below.  


Eligibility Requirements


If you can check all of these boxes, then you may be eligible for a Supplemental Grant. If you have any questions, uncertainties, or concerns, we encourage you to email us: http://hindfoundation.org/Contact-Us.

In regards to your organization:

  • We are a nonprofit organization with a California 501c3 designation.
  • We receive the majority of our funding support from our local community.
  • We have a board of directors that meets on a regular basis.
  • We hold or sponsor at least one fundraising event annually.
  • We have been a California 501(c)3 for more than three years based on the ruling date of our IRS Determination Letter and as confirmed in GuideStar.

In regards to your project or program:

  • The project or program we’re requesting funding for is based in California.
  • The success of our project will provide a lasting benefit to your community.
  • Our project or program falls within the Hind Foundation’s Areas of Funding.
  • Our organization has not received a Hind Foundation Grant in the past year, nor have we been denied a grant in the past year.
  • The amount of funding we’re requesting can be justified by the program or project scope.
  • We’re seeking a grant to fund scholarships, performances, educational materials, fund raising materials, or other similar projects.

If you check any of these boxes below, then your project is not eligible for a Supplemental Grant. 

  • We have received a Hind Foundation Supplemental Grant in the past year.
  • We’re seeking funding for debt reduction, books, videos, donor cultivation events, food, beverages, travel expenses, vehicles, mobile apps, and television or film projects/ film festivals.
  • We’re seeking sustaining funds, multi-year grants, or funding for administrative/organizational costs or soft costs (i.e. architectural, engineering, and permitting fees, drawings or studies, including digital records, etc.).
  • We’re seeking a grant for a/an individual, endowment, fellowship national organization, community foundation, private foundation, nationally-based organization, nonprofit or booster club for public schools, or one of the three of the Internal Revenue Code or organizations based outside the United States.
  • We’re an advocacy organization that engages in lawsuits, protests, and other forms of dissent. 
  • Our organization is primarily supported by endowment funds or by government grants.
  • We are seeking funds for improvements, construction or restoration on privately held land.
  • We are seeking funds for transportation costs.

Reasons Grants are Denied

  1. The request is not eligible under the Foundation’s areas of funding and types of funding.
  2. The applicant does not demonstrate that they have carefully read carefully all the information that is provided under Application Process.
  3. The application is incomplete.
  4. The LOI/application is left in draft form (not yet submitted) for over four weeks with no or little action or without budget details in the cost of project section completed.
  5. The information provided does not support the amount of requested.
  6. The applicant applies for the wrong type of grant – Standard vs. Supplemental.
  7. The applicant has not demonstrated sufficiently the project’s or program’s purpose, need and impact.
  8.  Please note: once a grant is denied applicant must wait one year before reapplying.

Application Process

Step 1. Determine Eligibility

Be sure you have read the Supplemental Grant Overview and Eligibility Requirements sections (outlined above) and the Areas of Funding section of our website before submitting an application. If you have any questions, uncertainties, or concerns, contact the Hind Foundation.

Step 2: Create New Account or Log In

To begin the application process, click the Apply Now button (on the right navigation or found throughout the site), and Create a New Account or Log In if you already have an account previously.

Step 3: Complete an Online Application

Once you create an account, you may begin the online application process, providing detailed information about your organization and your project or program. You may log in at any time to work on your application. If you do not make significant updates to your draft application for more than four weeks it will be considered inactive and a grant will be denied.

Once your application is complete, the Hind Foundation will begin the evaluation process and will notify you when it is accepted or denied. You may log in to your account at any time to check on its status.