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Shady Dell Property

For Save the Redwoods League

In 2012, the Hind Foundation granted $150,000 to Save the Redwoods League for their $6 million goal for the purchase, restoration and protection of the Shady Dell Property. The 957-acre parcel lies at the southern end of the Lost Coast in Mendocino County and is a profoundly beautiful coastal property with peaceful forests, a sandy beach, and outstanding scenic ocean vistas. Aside from its stunning location, the most distinguishing feature is the unique, gnarled grove of old-growth redwoods known as the Enchanted Forest. Not much is known about these trees, but they provide an awe-inspiring destination for visitor, needed habitat for wildlife, and their unusual development could offer scientists insight into how environment shapes redwood forests. Total funds need to protect Shady Dell is $6 million.

Noteworthy Outcomes

  • Preserved Habitat
    The protection of the property will ensure that these unique old-growth forests will be preserved for many generations.
  • Scientific Insight
    With the preservation of this property scientists will be able to study how the environment impacts redwood forests.

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Area of Funding: Land Conservation
Type of Funding: Standard Grant
Amount Funded: $150,000
Year Funded: 2012
Year Completed: 2012

About the Organization
Save the Redwoods League
114 Sansome Street, Suite 1200
San Francisco, CA 94104
(415) 362-2352

Save the Redwoods League is dedicated to protecting the ancient redwood forests so all generations can experience the inspiration and majesty of redwoods. In 1850, there were nearly 2 million acres of ancient coast redwood forests in California. Today, less than 5 percent remains and faces threats from unsustainable logging practices, poorly planned development and global climate change.